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industrial TELEVISION episode guide

welcome to the totally incomplete, partially erroneous, and slightly burnt-out industrial TELEVISION episode guide! 

what we'll try to provide is a complete listing of everything (as far as fried brains can remember) shown so far on industrial TELEVISION as well as sneak previews of upcoming shows.


some of the categories featured on industrial TELEVISION:

sex fake documentaries
unusual rituals "art-house" films
animals expose' journalism
modern art Z-movie trailers
exploitation noise
bizarre customs educational/training films
strange behavior weird cartoons
primitive cultures war atrocities
racial bigotry civil defense
lost commercials mondo movies
underground videos drive-in ads
jd flicks sex...(did we say sex already?) 

abbreviation codes:

T    trailer or coming attraction
C    commercial
F    featurette or short
CF  condensed feature
tr   training or educational film
ex  feature excerpt
an  animated


industrial TELEVISION episode three ...

1. cleanliness brings good health ... (tr) (an)
2. spunky and tadpole episodes one + two ... (an)
3. smoking: it's Your Choice ... (tr)
4. dating do's and don'ts... (tr)
5. gilbert toys-"science means business"...(C)
6. prevention and control of dental disease... (tr)
7. "please replace speaker" ... drive-in advertisement
8. spook show trailer-"fransisco's midnite horror show"
9. tastee freeze/pizza ... drive-in ads
(mucho atomic bomb footage run under end credits)

industrial TELEVISION episode four ...

1. the naked and the wicked... (T)
2. strip show promos
3. dance hall racket (T) - starring lenny bruce!
4. i married a savage (T)
5. test tube babies... (T)
6. modern diana ... (F) - nudie short
7. the beach bunnies ... (T)
8. uncle si and the sirens ... (F) - silent nudie short
9. spunky and tadpole episodes three and four (an)
10. mob hits montage (ex)
11. mattel burp gun (C)
12. mattel winchester rifle (C)
13. mattel colt 6-shooter (C) --- w/durahyde holster!
14. mattel snub-nosed 38 (C)
15. mattel dick tracy guns (C) --- w/billy mummy!
16. autopsy footage ... (ex)
17. prunes/country corn flakes offer ... (C)
18. coca-cola snack bar ad
19. sprite snack bar ad
20. peter max refreshment time snack bar ad
21. assorted snack bar ads
22. temptaste barbeque ad
23. assorted snack bar ads-cooked foods


industrial TELEVISION episode six...

1. dr. zomb show..(theatrical ad)
2. death scenes 3... (ex)
3. sharon tate autopsy... (ex)
4. the decision is yours ... (F)
5. duck and cover... (F)
6. strippers from "go-go world" ... (ex)
7. bondex ... (C)
8. smokey the bear... (C)
9. bud dwyer ventilates his head ... (underground footage)


industrial TELEVISION episode seven

1. space patrol binoculars (C)
2. grampa brothel (ex) from "shocking asia 2"
3. leper colony (ex) see above
4. mud wrestlers... (ex) ...from "go-go world"
5. dog cook/cat kill ... (ex)..."
S. turkish strip tease ... (ex).."
7. spunky and tadpole episodes 7 + 8
8. blondes prefer gentlemen... (F)
9. tab hunter for mental health... (C)
10. sugar jets ... (C)
11. lucy + desi smoke ... (C)
12. child bride ... (T)
13. office love-in... CT)
14. tiajuana after midnight... (T)
15. motel confidential... (T)
16. mr. mari's girls... (T)
17. dr. macbre/dr. devil... (theater "spook show" ads)


industrial TELEVISION episode eight

1. food ad w/cut-out people ... (theater ad)
2. dupler lumber...(local theater ad)
3. honda trail 90... (local theater ad)
4. tommy's potato chips .... (local theater ad)
5. dry cleaners/cleaning sounds .... (local theater ad)
6. martin music .... (local theater ad)
7. the village shop .... (local theater ad)
8. diamond jim's pizza .... (local theater ad)
9. the mummy cave (ex) from "shocking asia 2"
10. shark victims (ex) from "shocking asia 2"
11. manila midgets (ex) from "shocking asia 2"
12. drugs: use or abuse... (tr)
13. spunky and tadpole episodes 9+10 ... (an) ... end of story
14. evaporated milk ... (C)
15. QT tanning lotion... (C)
16. hai karate ... (C)
17. fletcher's castoria... (C)
18. picture perfect hair coloring ... (C)
19. ban roll-on ... (C) 60's rock band
20. primordial soup (tr) ... julia child explains the universe!
21. the girl from S.I.N.... (T)
22. five loose women ... (T)
23. 2000 maniacs (T)
24. blood feast (T)


industrial TELEVISION episode nine

1. untitled VD film (tr)
2. wacko strongman (f)
3. asian brothels (ex)
4. s p a c e a n g e 1 (an) 'the gladiators" part 2
5. "hypnovista"...(T) theater teaser
6. save free TV/"monsters" theater trailer
7. just for the hell of it (T)
8. she-devils on wheels (T)
9. curfew breakers (T)
10. snake cult/transportation accidents/slaughterhouse (ex) (faces of death)
11. body painting orgy (ex) from "sexual freedom in denmark"


industrial TELEVISION episode ten

s p e c i a 1 h a 1 1 o w e e n e d i t i o n

1. screaming montage ... (mucho editing!!!)
2. it came from outer space...(T)
3. it conquered the world... (T)
4. the deadly mantis... (T)
5. the mole people ... (T)
6. i was a teenage werewolf... (T)
7. the monolith monsters... (T)
8. the invisible ray... (T)
9. how to make a monster... (T)
10. brain from the planet arous ... (T)
11. collosus of NY... (T)
12. orgy of the dead... (CF)
13. splatter- "architects of fear" (ex)
14. The wizard of gore (Ex)
15. dr. satan's shriek show (theater shriek show trailer)
16. the mutations (T)


industrial TELEVISION episode eleven

1. how to take a sunbath (F)
2. assorted strip loops (F) shown in early peep-shows!
3. the flesh merchant..(T)
4. space angel-"expedition to a new moon" part one (an)
5. birth films (F) preceded by sex-doctor lecture
6. political clips (ex) from "feed"
7. combs for governor (local theater ad)
8. lili st. cyr-'"cinderella" (F)


industrial TELEVISION episode twelve

1. 3-dimensions of greta... (T)
2. luana ... (T)
3. the jezebels (T)
4. women for sale (T)
5. the rape killer (T)
6. women in cages (T)
7. space angel-"expedition to a new moon" part two ... (an)
8. you can beat the A-bomb ... (F)
9. casino royale teaser trailer ... w/ twiggy!
10. local merchant ads w/ dancing girls ... theater commercial
11. bizarre rituals... (ex)
12. star snacks/roman orgy snack bar ads

industrial TELEVISION episode thirteen

1. mpaa theater ad ... w/julie andrews!
2. cinemascope is coming .... theater ad
3. coming soon .... theater ad
4. the smut peddler (T)
5. the weird world of lsd (tr)
6. space angel - "the cosmic combat" (an) part 1
7. tonight for sure (CF) directed by francis ford copola!!!
8. flying women and man (ex) from gizmo
9. hire the handicapped (C) featuring one armed toll-booth!
10. kool cigarettes... (C)
11. mental health (C)
12. morgue scenes/autopsy (ex) from faces of death


episode #22 original air dates 4/06/97 and 4/13/97

opening dubbed segment - "the TV Family"

1.-atomic age montage
2.-Truman’s god (excerpt.. . as are all the rest of the clips on this show)
3.-the atomic priests
4. -"troop test smokey"- (F)
5.—"american cities atomic fallout strategy"
6. — national guard commercial
7.- atomic victim montage/army film excerpt
8.- the fat chick survival kit
9.- Intermission- FOR TITS! (more ZENA FULSOME)
10.- father shelter protects
11.- nixon and "blinky"
12.- radiation suit w/music
13.—"the atom strikes"—(CF)
14.— atomic power (C)
15.— blast victims w/paul frees


episode #23 original airdates: 4/20 , 4/27/97

1.- flesh gordon (T)
2.— the rats are coming, the werewolves are here (T)
3.- simon - king of the witches (T)
4.- the flintstones for Winston cigarettes (C)
5.- fizzies (C)
6.- minnesota’s kiddie fun show (dra)
7.— the fresh vegetable mystery (an)
8. -"do not cut or damage seats" -theater ad
9. - "feature presentation" - jabberwalk (CF)
10.—lift off to the snack bar— (dra)
11.- ming toy (asian exotics) (F)
12.— betty page in bath (ex) . . .from "teaseramania"
13.—roadside execution (ex) . . .from "of the dead"
14.— cremation, mummies of mexico, autopsy (ex).. .from "of the dead"
15.— wildroot, antizyme, philip morris (C) ‘s

=== war/battle footage under end credits....


episode #24 original airdates: 5/04, 5/11/97

opening dubbed segment: "another TV family"... (this time eating dinner)

1.—the korean correction —(T)
2.—chain gang women - (T)
3.—super helmet 7, soupy sales for gino’s hamburgers, silly string— (C)’s
4.—feature presentation: "the wild, wild world of jayne mansfield" (part 1) - (CF)
5.-fun burgertime/local pizza/skip ‘n dolly’s pizzaria drive-in tony’s pizza (with stomach) -(dra)
6.—cow sacrifice/burial -(ex). . .from "of the dead"
7.—sex change operation —(ex)... from "shocking asia"
8.—pvt. snafu- "fighting tools" -(an)
9.—parachute test / stunt crash into house— (x). . .from "gizmo"
...more flying footage from "gizmo" under end credits


 episode #25 original airdates:5/18, 5/25/87

opening dubbed segment: ‘‘the school room"

1.-mad doctor of blood island -(T)
2.-the beautiful, the bloody and the bare _(T)
3.-mantis in lace _(T)
4.—space angel: "the light barrier" (part one) -(an)
5.—feature presentation: "the wild, wild world of jayne mansfield" part 2 (CF)
6.—"you’ll be dead!".. .highway safety film -(tr)
7.—disaster clip.. .from "caught on camera"— (ex)
8.-anti-censorship parody short.. .(F). . .w/partial animation
9.—pick—a—pack cereals (betty crocker)/clackers cereal/ yabba dabba dew orange drink- (C)’s
10.-poolside pissing- (ex). from "bushido"
11.—betsy wetsy -(C)
12. riot footage under end credits


s e a s o n  f i n a l e

episode #26 original airdates: 6/01, 6/08/97

opening dubbed segment: "school bus fire/blunts"

1.- Shooting gallery by marx/astrobase/countdown/man in space —(C)
2.- frankenstein’s castle of freaks —(T)
3.- sacrifice/ the flesh and blood show -(T)’s
4.- space angel:the light barrier" (part two) —(an)
5.— concession stand lovers w/jingle (pepsi’66) —theater ad
6.— Feature presentation: "the wild, wild world of jayne mansfield" (part three) -(CF)
7.—two droogie out—takes.. .year one


****  NOTE: summer re-runs played from 6/15/97 - 9/16/97

new season...

episode #27 original airdates : 9/23 , 9/30/97

opening dubbed segment: "emperor gonad"

1.-make them die slowly - (T)
2.—"turn down volume/hang up speaker" —(dra)
3.-color me blood red -(T)
4.-racket girls - (T)
5.-babes ‘N hoodlums - (T)
6.—fiber—glass — (F)
7.—marilyn monroe’s 50’s stag film? —(F) : "apple knockers ‘n a coke"
8.—feature presentation: "mechanized death" -(F-tr)...1961
9.—nudes from "sexual freedom in denmark" —(ex)
10.-ants in the pants (max fliescher) - (an)
11.-operation buster / jangle -(F-tr)...A-bomb tests-1951
12. -nekkid wrestling under end credits


episode #28 original airdates : 10/6 + 10/13/97

opening dubbed segment: the homo marine / K.U.N.T"

1.-special bonus short: "the making of industrial TELEVISION"
2.-ilsa:she-wolf of the SS - (T)
3.—the grusome twosome w/admonition _(T)
4.-the depraved, the demented, and the damned - (T)
5.—television —(F)
6.-cigarette ads and excerpts -(C)
7. —feature presentation: "mondo balordo"... midget;chink model/bondage shoot;homos,TV’s and lezzies; skirt blower; turtle eating; natives toking; camel-piss hair-dye; native hiairdos; lion dinner;elephant shoot
8.-temp-taste brand meats / visit the concession stand / orange crush / buttercup / western-themed snack bar ad -(dra)
9.-small fry (M. fliescher) -(an-’39)
10.—sex ed/masturbation.. .from "sexual customs in scandanavia" (ex)
...various and reefer footage under end credits


episode #29 original airdates: 10/20/97 + 10/27/97


1.—"nadir" clip— from "frankenstein vs. the space monster"
2.— monster montage-.. .(look for the droogies!)
3.-droogie intro (halloween)
4.-the incredible melting man - (T)
5.-man with the x-ray eyes - (T)
6.-reptilicus — (T)
7.—the comedy spook—o—rama show —(theatrical ad)
8.-abbot and costello meet frankenstein , monster on campus —(T)’s
9.—halloween theater show promo
10.-feature presentation: "night of the bloody apes"
11.-boris karloff:"thriller" -(tv promo)
12.-the outer limits - (tv promo)
13. -"hollywood capers" — (an)
14.-pleasant nightmares / hollywood monster show / the crawling thing / kara—kum / warm blood / girls do not come alone / mad daddy’s shock theater montage .... - (all theater ads)
15.-creepy crawlers - (C)
16.-the strange change machine - (C)
...explosion montage under end credits



episode #30 original airdates :11/02 11/09/97

opening dubbed segment: "industrial TELEVISION’s on!"

1.-droogie skit: "let’s watch this!"
2.-shriek of the mutilated / mark of the devil part 2 / night of the assassin / blaze starr goes nudist - (all trailers)
3.—vote and register/ popcorn + hamburgers / drizzle guard / cartoon jazz / show starts in 3mm. / local chamber of commerce — (all drive—in ads)
4.—clutch cargo: "ripcord van winkle" (part one) —(an)
5.—feature presentation: "paradisio" —(CF.. .1961)
6.-the "modern" kitchen / "modern" bathroom / "modern" kitchen2 —(F)
7.-nabisco juniors cereal / andy griffith "grape nuts" - (C)
…female balloon wrestlers from "mondo balordo" under credits


episode #31 original airdate: 11/16/97 + 11/23/97

opening dubbed segment: "the industrial pharmacy / test subjects"

1.-scream, baby scream / matilda / digby-the biggest dog in the world / dandy / honey — (T)’s
2.—another cigarette commercial montage
3.-anacin / vel — (C)
4.-hot coaco / king size soft drink / snack-go-round -(dra)
5.—clutch cargo: "ripcord van winkle" . . .part two — (an)
6.—"how to undress for your husband" — (F)
7.-feature presentation: "suburban confidential"

8.-more of the bushido bitch


episode #32 original airdates 11/30 , 12/07/97

opening dubbed segment: "the prime minister of finland"

1.-bare knuckles / great white / the teacher / ilsa, harem keeper of the oil sheiks — (T)‘s (also- "deranged!.!. .oops!)
2.—the show starts in 8 min.-w/clown. . .visit your doctor.. .crisp, fresh chips.. .don’t give fire.. .barbeque.. .try our hamburgers...go to church on sunday —(all dra’s)
3.-play safe-(1936 max fliescher cartoon)
4, —feature presentation: "rock, baby rock it!"
5.-"operation hardtack" - (F,tr). . .nuclear bomb test
6.—sherbet nudes— assorted clips... (color orentials, b+w chick w/panties) the belew twins reprise under end credits


episode #33 original airdates 12/14, 12/21/97

"merry x-mas from industrial TELEVISION"

opening dubbed segment: "schlomo claus"

1.—"merry christmas to all our patrons" — (theater ads)
2.-caged virgins! invasion of the flesh hunters / the ghastly ones - (T)’s
3.—lady boxer — (F).. .
4.-the industrial home for the blind - (F)
5.—foregoing message.. .X—mas "dancing trees" promo
6.—mardi gras madness —(ex).. .from "bizarre rituals"
7.—X—mas short — "yuletide season"... (theater promo
8.—cartoon — "snow foolin"
9.—x—mas/new year ‘75... .theater ad
10. -tipees / magic board — (C) also.. "the magnetic flea circus"
11.— feature presentation: "booby traps" - (F,tr).. .driver ed scare film (1972)
12.—X-clusive presentation "pam lee’s home video". ..(ex). . .underground video
13.-x—mas theater ad : "the management extends cordial..


episode #34 original airdates 12/28/97 , 1/04/98


opening dubbed segment: "the swedish porn shop"

1.—droogie skit : "complaints about the show..
2.- EXCERPTS FROM "mondo cane 2"--transvestites/ marksman / marzipan organs / bug burritos / eating stones / brothel on wheels/ strippers / gore art / shooting seltzer at chicks / native croc bake
3.- EXCERPTS FROM "SHOCKING ASIA"--piercing rituals / eating snake / erotic sculptures / cremation / rotted corpses / cock worship ritual / chink nazi play / tatooed chink chick / midget wrestlers / sex museum
4.- EXCERPTS FROM "MONDDO BALORDO"--shitcollector / native wedding / wild dancing
5.- EXCERPTS FROM "MONDO MAGIC"--natives snorting and tripping! dancing + piss ritual
6.- EXCERPTS FROM "AFRICA BLOOD AND GUTS"-- union zulus jammin’ / massacre clean—up / soldiers abuse natives
7.— "bela’s bondage boutique" — (F) . "eject the cassette!"


episode #35 original airdates: 1/11 , 1/18/98

1.— droogie skit "...something nice" opening dubbed segment : "on the telephone"
2.-the chiller carnival of blood — (T)
3.-I drink your blood! I eat your skin - (T)
4.-slaves in bondage - (T)_
5.-lionel microcraft lab / biolab / … laura scudder potato chips -(C)
6.-mr. hipp goes to town (2 different -(F) (an)
7.—darkness, light, darkness... (jan svankmaier) —(an)
8.—feature presentation "miracle of birth".. .from because of eve —(tr-ex)
9.—assorted stripper loops: rosita royce and her feathered friends / georgia southern... (from striporama)... dixie barton -(F)’s
10.-naked acid trip – (ex). . ."lsd freak-out!
11.—9 inch nails: "closer".. .uncensored version —(music video)
12.—broadway news
13.—bela’s bondage boutique 2


episode #36 original airdates: 1/25 , 2/01/98

opening dubbed segment: "the newsroom"

1.—droogie skit ; "you’re not gonna believe the shit I came up with"
2.-private parts (not stern)...! I dismember mama! vice dolls! the young seducers —(T)’s
3.-V-2 rocket testing -(F)
4.-intermission / snack bar / corny dog —(theater ads)
5.-feature presentation: "atomic weapons orientation" —(F,tr)
6.-promo spot: "stay tuned… with TAMMY!" (i.T.’s 1st spokesmodel!)
7.—porno set interview —(ex). ..from "sexual freedom in denmark"
8.—"eating on the cuff (...or the moth who came to dinner) —(an)
9.—"the great soupo for gino’s" / milton bradley games / rca victor radios / doodle buggy -(CO’s
10.-nekkid acid trip 2 / b+w card party dance -(ex). . ."lsd freak out"
11.-timothy’s terrible suicide (?)...special effects by the two droogies!


episode #37 original airdates: 2/08 , 2/15/98

opening dubbed segment: "the family eating"... (thank you, wang)

1.-droogie skit : "the tape is jammed"
2.—blood fiend / tender flesh / malamu / escape from women’s prison – (T)’s
3.—flavos shrimp rolls / bernzomatic in car heater (dra)
4.-sandwich sculptor / currency reclaimer (F).. .
5.-"-the golden state".. .(an). . .max fleischer-1947
6.—feature presentation: "teenage devil dolls" (CF)
7.-blow job blonde: (F).. .early ‘70’s peep loop--preceded by TAMMY promo2
8.-super snickers circus / dick tracy electronic target / lucky star game (C)
9.-montage of 50’s educational excerpts including: kids boxing / periods / bob’s masturbation / pornography / sperm / pogo stick / beauty scenes / weenie roast / anti—rock ‘n roll / just say no : (tr)’s
10.-ed droogie: the early days (under end credits)



episode #38 original airdates 2/22 , 3/01/98

opening dubbed segment:  "the chink speech"

1.—the captive female! the love thrill murders! satants cheerleaders/ curse of the headless horseman! carnival of blood : (T)’s
2.-basic 0 ar-id 0 roll -(F,tr). . .even more atomic blasts
3.-oral hygiene - (an)
4.-floppers with blonde wig -(F).. .more old peep show loops
5.- feature presentation: college girl confidential -(cF). . .1965


episode #39 original airdates: 3/08, 3/15/98

opening dubbed segment:

"the industrial airdrop"

1.-vampires night orgy! zebra force! johnny firecloud! curse of the vampires-(T)
2.-montage-more bad inventions:-talking cigarette card / golf robot / boxing robot / football helmet / blowing up woman / b.u. man / largest bible / the branch—c—phone : (ex). . .from"gizmo"
3.-"hunky and spunky"-(an). . .max fleischer 1938
4.—abortion clips—Cex).. .from "eclipse of reason"
5.—feature presentation: how to succeed with brunettes: (F,tr)
6.—montage—more 50’s ed. clips: he respects me / vd sore / baby carriage
dc do a do / dancing / dating calls: (tr)
7.-candy samples strips!- (old peep loop)


episode #40 original airdates: 3/22 3/29/98

opening dubbed segment: "the wop car crasher"(..."why you crash you car?")

1.-droogie skit: preparing for i.T.
2.-drive-in! the swiss conspiracy! killer breed! the murder clinic! the body beneath - (T)’s
3.-the human camel! rocket mail! vitorric — (ex,F-"gizmo)
4.—"pica—don". . .(an). ..atomic theme
5.-academy awards blurb —(theater ad)
6.—feature presentation: "love camp 7"—(CFI
7.—theater color / "you get more out of life.. ."! worship this week / of people eating / joe green / cinema rules —(dra’s)
8.—bonus trailer: "sex madness"
9. —"your favorite drink"—mini—montage


episode #41 original airdates: 4/05 4/12/98

opening dubbed segment: ‘‘the cable censor"

1.-something is out there / the house that vanished / the evil / thar she blows- (T)’s
2.-violent bits: train hit! firing squad! race crash-(ex). . .(banned from TV)
3.-flying superman! U.N.C.L.E. pen - (C)
4.—lunchroom manners -(F,tr)
5.—"nuts at the snack bar"
6.—feature presentation: "death press special" (CF) ... underground jap
7.-girls love being girls! preliminary overture! -(F).. ."antique blue movies
8.—even more "lsd freak out"
9.-"eating flies" —(F).. .music video excerpt.. .NIN interstitial bad print


episode #42 original air-dates: 4/19 , 4/26/98

opening dubbed segment: "the old TV studio"

1.- droogie skit: "jap lip—sync w/subtitles"
2.- the headmistress! she freak! wild women of wongo -(T)’s
3.- "plan for pleasant living"-(F). . .1955.. .good housekeeping "modern" home
4. - doody eating japs -
(ex).. .from "death press" underground video
5. - tale of nippleless nickelby— (an)
6.—feature presentation: "sex madness" —(CF). . .1938
7.-jap traffic guts/mess -(ex)


episode #43 original air-dates: 5/03 5/10/98

opening dubbed segment: "the TV factory"

1.-combat shock (..two droogies-the early days) / tromeo and juliette / night of a thousand cats / the notorious daughter of fanny hill-(T)’s
2. -"safety on the school bus" – (F,tr)
3.- fetus/ mutant baby / dead baby in water / elevator death- (ex). . ."death file #1"
4.-"song of the birds"-(an). . .m.fleischer
5.- the lucky hunchback / street artists / homes / dog surgery / old man-hooker marriage
hoodwink game / peeping torn / voyeur -(ex).. ."mondo balordo"
6.-groovy party / man in the street / model interview— (ex) … sexual freedom in denmark"
7.-hirsute chick -(F).. .another peep loop.. .(by request for mike hunt)


episode #44 original airdates : 5/17 5/24/98


opening dubbed segment: "alright honey, let’s see ‘em"

1.-the naked venus –(T)
2.-the jiggly queens -(ex)
st solo from bucky beaver vol.11
4. - milky mama -(peep loop)
5.—breast reduction surgery... (ex) from the learning channel!
6.—breast reconstruction/mammary implant —(cx_).. .from an
80’s nova!
7.—feature presentation: "mondo toppless" (CF). . .russ meyer!
8.-titty biker cartoon
9.-pregnant tits-(mike hott video grab bag
10.-and once again, by popular demand.. .ZENA-(under end credits)


episode #45 original airdates: 5/31, 6/07/98


the "finest" of all the shit we dubbed:
1.—emperor gonad / homo marine / i.T.’s on... / industrial pharmacy / prime minister / schlomo claus / porn shop / telephone / newsroom / family eating / chink speech / air-drop / antonio / cable censor / TV studio / TV factory / TITS
.— openings, intros and inserts: new season intro / wrestling / .. .that word is -tits! throwing towel on ed / TITS! looking up at the blast / "the making of i.T’.’ / this sucks / forced smile / small fry crying / monster inserts / halloween intro / grossed by the heart / get her! how are you fixed for blood? / let’s watch this / reading newspapers / yawning / raising eyebrows / yabbo’s / farts / YES! oh no (falling) / what the fuck was that? / eating fast / upset at the trains / bangin’ to the belews / fight / score cards / sudden jump / x—mas finger / more eyebrows / heat warming / complaints skit / throwing boxes / "that must’ve hurt" / leave a mark / throwing boxes 2 / eject the tape / something nice / water in face / laughing, grossed out / shit this week / water in ed’s face / debris / quake 2 / tape jammed / "hot" / pass the joint / popcorn spit / heads parting / a-bomb blasts / TV explodes / tit bob / "he’s a home" / LSD zoom / lip sync / boxing / spunky laugh / yes! droogies prepare / punch / wet da fuck? / wink / bri w/ed condescending / tim shot / ad the home / food spit / dead grossed / "that’s not real" / shrugs / why are we watching this? / jap-syne-subtitles / house explodes / snacks with TV / "pedruve" / tokin’ / cr-yin’ / laughing /bangin’ / extinguish all blunts / no scuffling / he’s a home / water on bri / sudden jump / LOGO? / adult flicks.. .heh. .heh/ completely toppless / JUGGS, etc. / yabbos / big fuckin’ tits / bad mama shrug / -(all inserts + intros)
3. - bonus dubbed segment: "behind the scenes at the supermarket" —(F,tr)
4, - out-takes and behind the scenes of year two

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