"The Greatest Show On any Television!"
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"An assemblage of the most disturbing violence imaginable."
- New York Daily News

"Cease and desist" -a lawyer

dead droogies

"I see no reason for violence."

the 3rd season of uncensored film and video clips compiled by the 2 Droogies premiered Sept. 19th, 1998 late night at 1 AM on ch. 24 -
Staten Island Community Television.
the only station with balls
big enough to air it!!!

the new opening has garnered enthusiastic reviews from those lucky enough to see it. It’s louder, faster, and just as outlandish as one would expect!!! (it even got us the job to create,(for the dante project,) the video montage in their presentation of "Inferno". what, you missed it?)

amongst the special episodes in the planning for the new season:

    -tribute to DRUGS!!

    -special HALLOWEEN edition

    —i.T. celebrates Black History Month

    —salute to TITS (part two!)

    —juvenile delinquents rule!

    —all MONDO episode.. .the sequel!

    —our annual christmas show

.... all this and much more— in addition to our weekly compilations of the strange, the bizarre, and the unseen!!!

View at your own risk!!!

recently, a fan reports that he seen a preacher on the ferry who commented: "industrial TELEVISION" is a prime example of the decay of morals in today’s society!!!
...another sign that the apocalypse is upon us!!!

industrial TELEVISION-A brief history...

industrial TELEVISION-created by edmund varuolo and brian powell.

i.T. #1 first aired during june '96 (the pilot episode) on staten island community television, our local cable access channel here on staten island. Due to a favorable response, we decided to go for a series contract at ctv and commit to one new episode every two weeks.

at the time, we estimated approx. 30 hours of possible programming culled from our vast collections. at first we featured many industrial training films (therefore the title "industrial TELEVISION"), but since then, we have expanded our madness to include more trailers and edited-down features. since that time we have added many new titles to our collections and now have way beyond the original 30 hrs. predicted.

after episode eight, we shot additional footage to be cut into the body of each program. you know .... reaction shots and such .... sort of, a running visual commentary somewhere between beavis and zacherle. we also then decided to re-dub the audio on certain clips with our own funny dialog. these changes allowed us to truly customize each show.

"industrial TELEVISION does not necessarily endorse or condone some of the acts and scenes depicted, but rather presents them as a sociological statement, in some cases parodying and exposing the hypocrisies of this idiosyncratic world we live in..." whew!

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